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Awaken to French Provincial Quilts

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Bonjour all,

I’ve been lucky enough to visit Provence before and as I think about my impending trip in May (almost every hour of the day), I can’t help but recall those glorious colours of the provincial landscape. Provence, with its purply lavender haze and patchwork fields of sunflowers screaming yellow across its fields and its people-sun blest faces and burnished hands that have toiled  for years in scorched rocky soils. Farmers and agriculturalists alike are each rooted to the provincial countryside and inextricably connected by growing some of the best produce in the world.

They remind me of my father who loved his land. His farm. Not to mention long alfresco lunches in dappled light under aged trees. (Long lunches are expected in Provence.)

Dad knew every blade of grass, every breath of wind and grew from seed to see embryonic buds swelling with satisfaction. He took his last gasp of air counting his sheep and closed his eyes remembering his green pastures drenched in golden light.

The Provence people have seen it all. The first inhabitants of Provence dates back to Paleolithic times, decorating caves with the abundance of life forms such as meaty bison (no doubt slowly cooked) and bound to the earth for their living and leisure like many of them today.  That’s probably what makes them so colourful and warm and intensely proud of their land today. Just like dad did.

To commemorate the sun blest colours and warmth of Provence, ‘My Road To Provence Quilt’ pattern and my ‘Provincial Autumn Quilt’ patterns are available through my website. Take a peep at these. This is my ‘Provincial Autumn’…

Provincial Autumn quilt (3)


Road To Provence DSC_0417 (15)

And this is my Road To Provence! Feel free to contact me with any questions at my website above.

You may like to make a quilt or you just may like to go to Provence.

…Or both.

Au revoir,

Best Wishes, Therese Waddell

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