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Awaken to Provence and French Wineries

Posted in French Affair, French Books, French Travel, French wineries, South East France with tags , , , , , , , , , on December 31, 2012 by Therese Waddell

Bonjour everyone,

I couldn’t let this Year disintegrate into the fizz of celebration without making a mad dash to the laptop and pronounce to all and sundry that for me 2013 will indeed be even brighter than its rivalled past. Why? Well you may remember my experiences at The Paris International Cooking School which fostered my love of French cuisine after which, I decided to take the plunge and dissolve into the kitchen world of stainless steel to become a chef. Hence, my absence from myfrenchawakening blogs and France herself. And oh how I have missed it all!

So I know its going to be even better before the New Year rings true as I’m off to Provence in May with cooking lessons and fabulous excursions which make my heart jump already. Can you hear it?

I’ll be seeing and doing much more from my provincial bucket list, like spending time slowly with a glass of very good wine in hand on this balcony…



at  Chateau La Canorgue between Avignon and Aix en Provence, made famous in the magical film called ‘A Good Year’ with Russell Crowe and Marion Cottilard…


and based on a superb little book by Peter Mayle  who obviously loved this part of France so much he chose to call the Luberon home and it inspired him to write the book in the first place. His book is filled with humour which comes about through acute personal observation and a healthy dose of affection with moving tales of great people in such a great place. Just like the Margens for instance.

They’re the real life owners of Chateau La Canorgue and behind peeling burnt umber stone walls of a home slumbering under the shade of aged trees, Nathalie and her father Jean- Pierre together make a formidable team with their hard work and wine knowledge recognised in the carefully selected title of ‘Wine Growers of the Year.’ The Margens’ natural and organic beautiful wines from hand picked grapes reign supreme. It’s quality over quantity here in Provence. Isn’t that what we all want really?

In fact,  this entire area- unspoilt and gorgeous in the extreme, will make you fall in love with France again and again.

Why don’t you come over sometime?

Yes, it’s going to be ‘A Good Year’ alright.Happy New Year to you and your families. May it be your best yet. xx

Au Revoir and Best Wishes for an unbeatable 2013.

Therese Waddell

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