Awaken to French Decor

Bonjour my friends,

Why don’t you come and journey with me through some of the French homes and chateaus I’ve stayed in across France and get a sneak preview into the delicious world of French interiors?

We usually need this to enter the French bedroom…

and just imagine who has turned this same key before us last century!

In other French homes, we may well cast our eyes instantly onto beautiful embellished walls of murals and trompe l’oeil decoration. It’s just like stepping straight into a glossy page from ‘Better Homes and Gardens’ magazine. I don’t mind a bit of Mary Poppins transporting myself.

I can take you through unexpected rooms of historical significance as we enter century old libraries with artworks and even brocante antique bird cages…

And you’ll enjoy the quircky world in the homes of french provincial artisans who simply allow imagination to run wild… even in the bathroom.

And they’ll welcome us in elegant Bretagne interiors with more refined French simplicity

and chateaus where their wonderful ambience are true testaments to the passion of their generational owners. My french awakening to decor with its unique French appeal using beautiful french fabrics and quilts, made my stay even more inspiring and memorable than you can imagine.

But keep in mind you will sometimes have to polish the patina from an antique balustrade on your way up and down a French staircase…

to breakfast with the stars…

Life can be tough in French interiors.

Discover for yourself. x


Best Wishes, Therese


8 Responses to “Awaken to French Decor”

  1. Beautiful, Therese, especially if you had someone else to dust around the birdcages.

  2. Thanks for jogging the memory babe, I had forgotten about a couple of these places. Magnifique

  3. Bonjour Therese 🙂

    Lovely photos, are these all places you’ve stayed? The key in the first set me off on a spiral of creative thoughts and I have a plan for a project involving French keys if I can find some during the course of the year on our visits. I’m excited to be going for a weekend break to Calais next month, so I can start looking then and continue scouring brocantes and markets when we go back in August 🙂

    I’ve been increasingly frustrated on my herby blog about not being able to write about non herbal french discoveries, so this week I created a blog about France ‘Ma vie, l’univers et La France’ only a few posts at the moment but lots more to come and scope for sharing lots more experiences, recipes and photos of France. Keep the wonderful photos coming, it’s wonderful to see other parts of France I’ve not yet experienced through other peoples eyes.

    Au revoir for now!

    Debs x

    • Dear Herby,
      I love that name so hope you don’t mind!. Thanks for reading and perusing my photos again. Im so glad you love keys as much as I do. You really have to wonder who has turned them before we have! Keys tell history alright. Also, send me the link to your new blog so I can check it out-what fun you’ll have and the best part is sharing with people across the planet- people you will never meet but share their love for France. (Like me!!)
      I do miss all your herby knowledge though so don’t forget to concentrate on your real passion and where your knowledge lies! Enjoy Calais and I look forward to a snap of you holding a handful of keys from the brocante there! Best wishes, Therese x

  4. Hi Therese, lovely to hear from you, totally agree about wondering who turned the keys in the locks before us. I was captivated by a display of keys and old locks in the musee at Fecamp last year, even the parts you couldn’t see normally once the lock was in the door were so delicate and beautiful, I love going through old doors I get a sense of unlocking the past both literally and figuratively.

    You can call me Herby, my new French blog is I will still blog on my other blog for certain, just wanted a place that I could wax lyrical about France when it wasn’t herbal and share some of our photos. I’ve just started writing a column for Garden News a gardening mag over here as their resident Herb Expert so herbs are still my life blood, France is a close second. Got a pile of new French cookery books with a stack of recipes I want to try, was thinking about starting a French Friday club for cooking/creative crafts with a french flavour/theme. It’s on my to do list! I’ll certainly get Si to take a photo if I’m lucky enough to find some old keys!

    Herby x

  5. Alex de Freitas Says:

    Wonderful. Cosy, great colours, confortable and close to the heart, the only way of living.



  6. Just stumbled across this. It’s lovely and the photos are great. Who cares about dust anyway!

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