Awakening To Mont St Michel

Bonjour mes amis,

Excuse my blog absence, for my son has just left for London for quite some time but his parting reminded me of my experience that the beautiful Mont St Michel will offer next time you’re in France.

Physically and mentally isolating, my french awakening gazed across the plains surrounding  Mont St Michel in wonder.

There are challenges to be met but once you’ve reached the dramatic peak after climbing the stairs…

reaching higher into the mist, where you become one with sea and sky…

you’ll be intrigued by the mystery and beauty of what lies ahead.

Some things are meant to be….

According to legend, in 708 the Archangel Michael appeared requesting the Bishop of Avranches to build a monastery here. So strong were his requests, that he eventually accompanied these with a touch of skull burning. Mont Tomb (Tomb on the Hill) as it was known, suddenly became Mont St Michel!

Look up and around and notice the gilded winged statue of  Saint Michael The Protector- brandishing his sword above his head hell bent for further action, on the tip of the church spire.

Mont St Michel, near St Malo, stands on a solitary islet separated from all that once was, by a causeway hidden rhythmically by the shifting tides. It captures the imagination as I feel sorry for the unwary travellers who had been caught by flooding tides and quick sand in the past.

These days, follow the signs and keep to the causeway (and there are plenty of officials to steer you in the right direction) to avoid sirens going off and your car sinking into the mud!

Although its surrounds change, Mont St Michel remains as united and solid as ever, built of impervious massive granite walls and still standing with the passing of time.

It has been a castle and fortress, a prison (initially for over 300 priests!) and Medieval town, subjected to WW2 canons, fires and of course, The Revolution.

Of all the places to experience in France, Mont St Michel is breathtakingly beautiful and an unforgettable sacred space.

It remains one of the most famous pilgrimage sites in the world and you can’t get closer to Heaven than this!

If you’re lucky, you’ll get to see one of the Abbeys monks rising high into the air above the chapel altar as he swings the rope of the enormous bell making it peal across the flood plains towards the Atlantic Coast.

Mont St Michel is about 3 1/2 hours North West of Paris. None of it will be disappointing! I was gladder for the experience and you will be too!

If you have time, have lunch or dinner at one of the restaurants there. You’ll have a view to die for!

For further information, le Mont Saint Michel official Website can be found at:

Find your sanctuary and be inspired.

P.S Hayden, you will always be my rock. Stay protected. Carpe Diem. (Saisissez le jour!)

With love,

Au Revoir,

Therese Waddell


4 Responses to “Awakening To Mont St Michel”

  1. A beautifully photographed and informative blog entry, Therese. My heart goes out to you.

    • Thanks Margaret, Some mothers can’t wait for their kids to leave home but I like the drama and roller coaster of a big beautiful family and have my table full. Adventure brings joy and wisdom no less and many good things and if it weren’t for adventure, I wouldn’t be writing this blog! All the best, Therese x

  2. Corriandre Says:

    Great photos, thanks. I went there about 8 years ago and oh yes, I loved it. And on the top that little garden in the monastery facinated me, thinking the earth had to be brought from the mainland … To day I am making a 3D model of it for a Virtual World, I am far to be finished and your pictures helped me a lot about details. Thanks. 🙂 Corry.

    • Hi Corry, Glad to hear that my pictures of the Mont helped you in your wonderful quest of making a 3D model. I’ll look forward in seeing your results very soon! Thanks for stopping by, Therese

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