Awaken to the Closure of Le Rouvray Fabric Shop, Paris

Bonjour friends!

For those of us who do some quilting, I have some sad news. It is with deep regret to inform you that the beautiful Paris fabric shop across from the foot of Notre Dame, ‘Le Rouvray’, which many of you have used, is now closed. After 45 years of patchwork and adventure in Paris, the lovely owner and co founder, Diane Obaldia passed away some time ago now and Le Rouvray has closed its doors for good.

Before her death, Diana wrote to me a expressing great interest in ‘My French Awakening’ and the article I did on her shop at:

Good business deserves acclamation I’ve always thought and Le Rouvray was no exception. Diana was “touched and dazzled” by the article (which I felt was by no means brilliant) but beckoned “come have lunch with me” and that’s the kind of lady she was. No wonder her shop was filled with beautiful fabrics and beautiful service from quietly passionate people. Diana and her team made for a very successful business and above all, a business of friendship building. Well, that’s how I see it anyway.

I shall always regret not being able to share that meal with Diana Obaldia and hearing about her road to success and adventures in Paris. It would have made a much better story than the one I told.

What was your experience in Le Rouvray?

Best Wishes,

AuRevoir, Therese

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8 Responses to “Awaken to the Closure of Le Rouvray Fabric Shop, Paris”

  1. Leeanne negel Says:

    I am very sad about this as I have planned to go this year as I will be in Paris from the 27/12 to 30/12. So do you know of any other quilt shops I should visit while I am there please

    • Hi Leeanne! Sorry to disappoint you hun but there are still some amazing fabric places dotted throughout the city of Paris. Head for Montmartre. There are a lots of fab shops here in the 18th like Marche Saint Pierre and Tissus Reine at number 5 Saint Pierre. Saint Pierre has many levels so wear your ballet flats!The streets around Montmartre have many fabric shops and I’ve bought some gorgeous fabrics here- you’re going to love it.
      (Let us know how you get on). Ooooh….don’t forget the markets (Saint Ouen in particular) if you’re looking for that vintage piece you won’t find elsewhere.
      Happy fabric hunting dear girl and Good Luck! x

    • Leeanne, did you ever visit any other quilt shops? Im so sorry I dont think I replied to you earlier but I can give lots of recommendations for next time. 🙂

  2. Karen Martin Says:

    Bonjour Therese

    I own a small quilt shop in Australia and tried to visit Le Rouvray while in Paris back in August. We went there a couple of times during our stay and the shop wasn’t open which was disappointing. Perhaps this is why. Thank you for keeping us informed.

    Kind regards


    Karen Martin

    Mrs Martin’s Quilt Shop

    133 Emerald Monbulk Rd, Emerald

    Victoria, 3782

    Ph: 03 5968 3360



    Shop hours: Tues, Wed, Thurs: 9.00am-4.00pm

    Sat: 9.30 am – 1.00pm

  3. My son visited this wonderful shop in 2012 and brought me home 1 yard of fabric that Diane had picked out for him telling him to e-mail photos of the finished product. I did…too late for her to enjoy. I’m so sorry. I wish I could post a photo of it here for you.

    • Hi Patricia, That IS sad but nonetheless, I feel certain that Diane would have enjoyed your finished product as much as I would, if I could only see it! WordPress has its disadvantages doesn’t it? Anyway, thank you so much for stopping by! Best wishes, Therese

  4. Devon Smith Says:

    I made a point of going to Le Rouvray when last in Paris, August 2013. I had my 3 small daughters with me and admonished them not to touch anything, as you do entering a shop. The lady there told them it was her shop and they could touch and feel the beautiful fabrics, so warm and kind. She had caught my American accent and informed me that Diane had passed away, we chatted for a while about Americans in Paris, Appalachian patchwork, etc. and I resolved to make it a more regular stop. Surgery prevented me from getting over and I found this sad news looking for their online ordering. The passing of a great little shop, a hidden gem of Paris. There are others, of course, but Le Rouvray was special.

    • Hello Devon, Thankyou so much for sharing your experience in Le Rouvray. We all miss it so much! I’m certain we could write a book about our unique adventures in finding this little treasure, not to mention fill a coffee table book of fabulous photographs with our finished quilts made from her beautiful fabrics. One thing’s for certain, Diane had fabulous taste in fabrics and a real sense of colour and style. She lives on all over the world! It would be lovely to see any photos you do have of your beautiful handiwork from Paris. Kindest regards, Therese x

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