Awakening To Le Rouvray French Fabrics

Bonjour all quilters,

Quilting secrets should be shared I realise and this is a special blog to introduce my subscribers and friends to some fabulous French quilting shops and market places which I have used regularly when in France.

Purchasing gorgeous fabrics is a quilter’s haven and no doubt there is no limit to purchasing “must-have-to-die-for-fabrics”. We admit that our fabric stash is a work in progress and any information on quilting and patchwork shops and the exact location of divine fabrics and gorgeous remnants is a quilter’s dream. So here we are!

When you’re next in Paris, your first target is Le Rouvray.

This shop is located in the Latin Quarter, a stones throw away from the grand Notre Dame Cathedral at 3 rue de la Bûcherie – 75005 Paris. The nearest train stop is Maubert Mutualite  Subway and Saint Michel RER.

Firstly, I must tell you all that it is only open between Tuesday to Saturday from 1pm to 6pm. Always double-check before you set out as you will be soo disappointed if you miss it if you have a limited time in Paris. (Not to mention that your  partner will hear about this catastrophe for years to come).

Their phone number is 0 (+33) 1 43 25 00 45 and their website can be found at:

At Le Rouvray (owned by the lovely American Diane De Obaldia with her trusty team of friendly French ladies) they speak “patchwork.” You will easily get by even if you do not speak any French at all (and if Diane is not in the shop).

They offer wonderful assistance and a gorgeous selection of fabrics and antiques. In fact, their collection of old home wares has grown over the years and many teapots, cutlery and crockery are an interest in themselves, so allow a lot of time here. (Was that necessary to say? I don’t think so!)

You are not just buying fabric by the metre, you can choose wonderful fabric packs of brilliant colours and designs. Also, if you do speak French, they have been known to offer first hand assistance and travel information when needed. Here, there are smiles all round constantly and as a bonus, I’ve had a number of free samples given to me each time I purchase.

If you are looking for very good quality cotton fabrics, including Toiles and French Provincial, Le Rouvray is your answer. Their ‘Promenade Collection’ is divine if not sold out already. Each year, there is always something new and equally gorgeous and they do offer classes in the latest quilt hanging in their window.

You can buy fabrics online but there is so much more fabric to choose in the shop itself. The website also offers a free pattern to download.

So next time you’re in Paris, take yourself (and a girlfriend) to Le Rouvray. You’ll be delighted with your choice and the experience.

Bonne Chance!

Au Revoir,

Best Wishes, Therese Waddell

copyright@2010 Therese Waddell


21 Responses to “Awakening To Le Rouvray French Fabrics”

  1. This in one shop that will definately be on my list when I go to Paris. I have heard about it, and had a look at the website, but it is great to see it through the eyes of someone who has been there. I love reading your blog and I’m looking forward to more fabric shopping tips.

  2. Dianne Lipe Says:

    I am so mad at myself! I was in Paris last May and foolishly didn’t google fabric shops. Instead I just wandered around. This place looks wonderful. Oh well–I guess I’ll just have to go back.

    • Oh don’t despair Diane. Paris will always have undiscovered treasures and places which always make me want to go back too! Thankyou so much for reading my blog on beautiful Le Rouvray!

  3. Diane passed away in December, I believe. I am curious about the status of the shop now that she is gone. I taught classes there for about 5 years each spring when I was in Paris. Will certainly miss the shop if it closes now.

    • Hi Cathy,
      You’re right.It’s a great loss to the fabric world and to her friends across the globe. Le Rouvray was her baby and I believe she was very concerned about it even up to the point of her passing. She wrote to me a while back thanking me for my blog on LeRouvray and asked me to meet up over lunch next time I was in Paris. I was so hoping to see her in May….she was such a character and we’ll all miss her in so many ways. Thanks Cath. Therese x

    • I am so very very sad to hear of the passing of Dianne. I ordered so much beautiful fabric from her store to decorate my little cabin at silver lake in June lake California. We sold the cabin to a delightful family Gore Verbinski and his family and he was the director of The Pirates of the Carribean. Gore purchased the cabin for his wife who is a writer and painter and did not want to change one item. For me, the cabin held memories of my mother and her furniture but we had such a comfort level with the buyer it stayed. Just like Dianne’s fabrics created the very best French mountain retreat in California. I would share the cabin details but do respect the privacy of the new owners. We went to Paris and had lunch with Dianne who was so very charming and also told us about her daughter who had a wonderful apartment near her store. We were back in Paris last year and went by the store but it was closed. So sad and our love to her family. Such a treat to hear of Dianne adventures with Chanel etc. at our luncheon. Privileged.

      • What a fantastic story, Patricia! Thankyou so much for sharing that with me and my readers. We all like to hear of stories like that and it’s so nice to hear that Diane’s fabrics live on. The beauty about French fabrics in particular, is that they are eternal. The patterns are traditional and have moved through centuries so successfully and their colours are unique and very beautiful and that’s why we love them. Wouldn’t you agree?
        I would have loved to have had lunch with Diane last month as we talked about that in an email to me a while back but it just didn’t happen.
        Your cabin reeks of memories and new ones to come from the Director’s family and fabric often does that too. Especially French fabric.I get all kinds of lovely feedback from women in particular who have used these fabrics, like me, in my french inspired quilting patterns.
        Thanks for sharing your beautiful story. Take care and hopefully we’ll hear of further joys from you, Therese

  4. carolinebotwin Says:

    Therese: I follow you because of your passion . I’m not a quilter…
    but love your information on all things French.
    If you would be interested in my passion, I have recently put up a
    new blog on Poland at and
    would enjoy your comments.

  5. Heather Titley Says:

    Hello, I am visiting France in May and June for the first time and will certainly visit Le Rouvray. I have already ” prepped” my husband for what is ahead. Thank you for your insitive information.

    • Thanks so much Heather. You might be interested in one of my French inspired quilting patterns found at when you purchase some gorgeous fabric. Happy selecting and thanks again, Best wishes, Therese

  6. Gael James Says:

    Thanks for the information. I am saddened to hear the founder, Diane, has passed away. I will be in Paris the first week in April with another quilter from Scotland. (I am in the US). I look forward to visiting the shop.

  7. Janet Cooke Says:

    Hi, I was recently looking for quitling fabric in Paris and was also a great fan of the wonderful original Le Rouvray shop from a previous visit some years ago. You may need to be aware that the shop has moved and is now at 6, rue des Grands Degrés, 75005. The new location is not far from where the original one was but the shop is now very small and the stock is quite limited compared to what it used to be. For anyone with mobility concerns it should be noted that there are also 5 steps to climb to get into the new shop and the doorway is quite narrow. It is worth checking the website for what is available before you go particularly if you are looking for some great french fabrics.

    • Thanks so much Janet for the update. I haven’t been there since May and Im sure all Le Rouvray’s clients will be eager to learn the new whereabouts of the premises. Thanks again and keep in touch, therese x

  8. It’s with great sadness that LeRouvray has now closed its doors permanently. The last of the fabric will be sold in early December. Happy fabric hunting elsewhere everyone! Therese

  9. […] Before her death, Diana wrote to me a expressing great interest in ‘My French Awakening’ and the article I did on her shop at: […]

  10. Dear Therese,
    Some years now after my mother, Diane de Obaldia, passed away (Nov 2012), I am very touched to discover your blog, and the wonderful warm comments about her and Le Rouvray. I am very sad that I had to close this wonderful shop, which to many was more than a shop…. a real Paris pilgrimage destination for Patchwork lovers and quilters form around the world.
    Thank you for keeping the memories alive.


    PS: Please note that I am keeping the website up, so that patchwork lovers can continue to download the free “le Rouvray” pattern, and hopefully contribute to making it a future classic.

    • Dear Sylvie, Thank you for writing to me. Even though a few years since your mother passed away , it only seems like yesterday that I saw your mother buzzing around the shop with some bolts of beautiful fabric in her arms and I guess I will always see her like that with her lovely wide smile. She loved and inspired others to see the beauty in things which sometimes eluded others. You did such a great job keeping the shop open for as long as you did. I hope more people visit Le Rouvray’s website still. Be kind to yourself and keep busy! Best wishes, Therese

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