Awaken To Angelinas, Paris

Bonjour mon amis,

Yes, it’s been a while and as you know I’ve taken THAT trip to France…from Paris to Provence and I’M DYING TO TELL YOU ALL ABOUT IT. But first, how have you been my dear friends? What’s happening in your lives? I’ve heard from many of you while I’ve been away and the wheels of life are turning in all directions but there’s one thing we always seem to have time for…and that’s France. That’s why we’re here really.

So I’m going to take you on another journey with me.

And it all began in Paris.

Sitting pretty under the arch which lines Rue de Rivoli, there resides a very old French establishment blushing royal purple and brown and trimmed with fine gold frills like some Grand Duchess. With her carriage outside,


one would swear like a commoner that she was all too perfect and particular to encourage private audiences… but I would be wrong.


The minute you brush pass her golden roped barriers outside and step ever so cautiously onto the red carpet welcome into Angelinas, you will be pleasantly surprised that you actually feel right at home here, despite her precious exterior.


I was instantly welcomed with a warm, sweet hug of recently baked cakes and pastries and a cup of hot chocolate, rich and thick enough to cement even a broken heart.


It felt just like a trip to my nans as a kid on our Sunday visits, that would prompt the same knee jerk reaction of releasing the fine bone china out of the cupboards and set her about in an aproned whimsy to check her batch of scones. Albeit, Angelinas- the Paris Shrine To Pastry And Flaky Sweetness and the meeting place for devout gourmands, is by chance a tad more detailed in its selection of cakes…


With her embellished Rum Baba glaze over sponge…


and sunshine yellow Tarte Citron popping with mathematically precision cloned marshmallows. Then there are Mont Blanc art pieces piped with meringue under a mound of vermicelli chestnut …


I recall nan’s colour palette was a touch more conservative compared to Angelinas…



and perhaps the interior of Angelina’s is not quite nan’s decor… Image

but the warmth and aroma and long conversations with angelic people who are kind and generous, knowledgeable and dedicated…


will make you feel just as welcome.

Angelinas at 226 Rue de Rivoli, Paris, made me feel right at home and only the best holiday destinations do that. Why don’t you drop in to Angelinas? The Grand Duchess makes a perfect gesture for you in Paris.

She’ll always put the kettle on.


Best Wishes, Therese

copyright@ 2013 Therese Waddell


4 Responses to “Awaken To Angelinas, Paris”

  1. They look too good to eat – which is probably just as well.

  2. carolinebotwin Says:

    Oh my….ideally I would like a plate of bite-sized pieces (my choice of
    course) and an expresso….and many napkins. Thanks!

    • Hi Caroline, nice of you to drop by! Yes plenty of napkins is definitely needed but lets do all those bite size pieces first. When one can’t decide, have a little bit of everything- so true. After all, you’re in paris!

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