Awaken to a New Year in France

Bonjour lovelies,

Well, well,… Christmas has come and gone and look at us, smack bang in the middle of a new year! Bonne Annee mon amis! We have a new beginning to continue the same life as last year or introduce something new. I know it’s difficult for some of you to get out of the routine for many reasons but I’m asking you to just contemplate an alternate road or patch of grass or another window of opportunity and HOLD that thought.

Can you imagine yourself here on french grass in Flavigny perhaps, in the heart of Burgundy?

(You do remember my escapades on the trek for more than chocolate? go to )

or take a peep down any one of the country roads you could be driving through on your next France adventure…

or look out from some other window- a french window. Come on! My french awakening sees no harm in discovering a new view which is very different from the one you’re seeing now perhaps?

Life is sometimes greener on the other side particularly if you’re travelling through the south of France…

or the north east corner…  (remember Colmar? )

or from this window in the east, at Quemigny-sur-Seine, France…

and more views from country France from modern frames…

and ancient ones in eighth century stone as at Mont St Michel (remember Awaken to Mont St Michel? See )

And if you fancy yourself as more of a city mouse than a country mouse, you might appreciate looking out from the windows behind wrought iron balconies in Paris…

Or from that very special window in a beautiful french village in between.

The view’s not bad from here.

Just imagine.

Give France a thought this year. It won’t disappoint.

Au revoir,

Best Wishes, Therese Waddell

copyright@Therese Waddell 2012


11 Responses to “Awaken to a New Year in France”

  1. I have just done a post on the rooftops of Paris and I think I have photographed the same place you did.

  2. I’ve been obsessed with France for the last couple of months…. & this post shows me exactly why…. 🙂 I hope when I return someday that I will also see such beautiful views!!! Thanks for sharing!!! 🙂 **

    • Hi there! Thanks for youre interest. You won’t have to go far to see beautiful views like this. You’ll be surrounded by majestic images which you’ll keep forever I’m certain. Enjoy your next trip and thanks again for reading. Best wishes,Therese

  3. Kay Riley Says:

    This was lovely Therese. Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos and inspiring thoughts. They are really touching a chord with me.

  4. Bonne année à vous aussi ma chère Therese 🙂 How spooky, I’ve been writing a blog post on my trip last year to Abbaye Saint Georges de Boscherville in Saint Martin de Boscherville, one of the many places we visited last year. I’m so excited to be going back to France in August for 16 days that I can’t wait and we’re planning a visit in May to explore new areas.

    Hopefully I’ll finish my blog post very soon, I think I’ll have to start a French blog as what I can write about on my herbal blog is limited. Thanks for giving me a few new views on France, I’m awaiting a new book on French baking arriving and I’ll be having a taste of France soon!

    Soyez sûr et continuer à nous amener vos vues françaises, au revoir pour le moment.

  5. Ma chere Herby,
    Agréable pour entendre de vous encore! i’m sure we’ll be all looking forward to a wonderful account of your travels. Do keep us posted!
    The Abbaye of Saint Martin is amazing isn’t it? Normandy always brings back beautiful memories for me Herby. We passed through Saint Martin de Boscherville on the way to Hornfleur, to be greeted by a children’s carnivale. Check out
    Confetti and celebration strewn all over the streets. it was fabulous! best wishes, Therese

  6. I got distracted by your post and have wibbled about how it made me feel over on my blog

    Yes the Abbey at Saint Martin is beautiful, it was so good we went to visit twice within days, the huge medicinal herb garden and scented garden were just too tempting pour moi 🙂

    We’ve only ever been to Normandy so far, one day I’ll visit Provence and the south of France but for now I’m content to wander through Normandy. This year though I’m taking photos in supermarkets, of roofs, clock towers and anything that says FRANCE to me, have to stop looking for herbes lol!

  7. Beautiful pics Therese……the grass is not so greener at the moment in Paris absolutely freezing and the forecast not great for the week they are saying -5 on Friday BBBBBBBBBrrrrrrrrr…hard to get out of the pajamas.
    My window not nearly as fabulous as yours in the last pic!
    Thank-you for the lovely comments and stopping by my blog

    • Lovely to hear from you again Carla. I meant every word I said about your photography but I’m glad you liked a few of my own humble snaps! Sounds deliciously cold over there and yes, the grass will always be forever greener as far as I’m concerned for si many reasons. (A pure romantic at heart I’m afraid!)and whats wrong in staying in your PJs until midday i ask? Have a great day, Therese x

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