Awaken to French blogging

Bonjour my friends,

The last month of 2011 has stirred from slumber, its manic face ready to perform the Season of Silliness. December is a crazy month isn’t it but somehow it can allow great things and blustering dreams to foster. It  happened to me two years ago way back in December 2009. I began blogging and writing about France and before I knew it, two years has elapsed and I guess that’s a pretty long time in the sea of French awakenings and things in general, don’t you think?

Two years of marking French time, transporting ideas and images from me to you and hopefully sending maybe just a tad of genuine inspiration into a cyberspace I know very little of. You my lovely, have followed my ramblings of travel hints and stories in and about France and relived my fond memories (and maybe yours) all this time without one complaint and without one sniff of cynical air or dose of friendly doubt.

Some of you have liked a photograph from my little trustworthy camera…

while others will smell the smells, taste the tastes and soak up the real passion and joie de vivre of French living. That’s just who you are I guess. You take the good stuff with you on your journey every time.

And I love that! I love your comments and your support even though most of you would not recognise me as I pass you by in the street.

All along though, I’ve been aware of your presence on your side of the invisibility cloak, silently nodding in the act of contrition. Yes, sometimes we do regret and are remorseful together in the fact that holidays don’t come all the time and we cannot get to France as regularly as we would want and stay in magical French places like this one all the time…

(Well I haven’t bought my little house in France yet to invite you all over!) I hear the long sigh…

However my friend, I remain very happy in the fact that we can fill our minds with images of this beautiful country and my french awakening is widened further by your own knowledge and clear memories, commenting and sharing French experiences. I’ve learnt a lot from you without ever putting your face to a name sometimes.

Soul to soul and friends apart, I want to thank you firstly for reading my humble blog on France and my french awakening and secondly (as it’s December), I’d like to wish you and your family a beautiful Christmas 2011 from one francophile heart to another.

Let’s continue to dream.

Au revoir,

Best Wishes, Therese  xx


4 Responses to “Awaken to French blogging”

  1. Thanks for the blog, Therese. I do enjoy following France by proxy, and occasionally getting there in person. Next year, maybe? Joyeux noel!

  2. As always my friend, through you and your genuine enthusiasm we are inspired to dream!

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