Awaken to a Paris Sky

Bonjour my friends,

It HAS been a while. I hope you’re exactly as I left you last month as good things never change and you good people remain so from day to day, month to month and every year on. However, I hope you’re feeling good even though we feel the throb of busyness and a grinding ache for halcyon days at times.

My french awakening learned a long time ago that Paris, the fabulous City of Lights, can be what you want it to be and apart from bringing you stimulation and inspiration at an elevated level, it can actually bring you great peace…if you are looking.

Not a lot of people look for peace when travelling through Paris. They’re too engrossed buzzing about in a whirlwind of buying, snapping, smiling into cameras and ticking off formidable lists of places to see and do. Yes, queue with tour groups if you must but at least once and a while take the alternate route and set your own pace. Hit the grass and brace yourself to just take in the air.

Why? Well for one thing, having just finished reading Kathryrn Stockett’s book, ‘The Help’-

(some of you may have recently seen the film of the same title), I came away with a conclusive quote of impassioned wisdom which I thought I’d pass onto good people like yourselves.

…”‘You is kind. You is smart. You is important…”

Three very deserving reasons why we should lay low and just look to the sky when in Paris. Take a worm’s eye view of a Paris sky and embark on your green island in any one of the Paris Gardens to soak up some tres chic air and recapture the space we need and feel.

What does that feel like? I’m glad you asked…

You probably already know that Paris has been historically a city where many Peace Treaties have been signed for the benefit of mankind. The Treaty of Peace in Paris (way back in 1783) ended the American Revolutionary War with Great Britain and The Paris Peace Accords was signed to end the Vietnam War in 1973. There’s a whole lot more peace since then.

Just goes to prove that a slice of Paris peace couldn’t do you any harm at all.

Au Revoir,

Best Wishes until next time,

Therese Waddell

copyright@2011 Therese Waddell

2 Responses to “Awaken to a Paris Sky”

  1. I loved the movie “The Help.” ”‘You is kind. You is smart. You is important…are words we can all live by today. It’s sad to think some people are raised without knowing this. A wonderful lady, very similar to the character in the movie, raised me and I would not trade that experience for anything in the world. I grew up thinking I could do anything and it has served me well.

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