Awaken to Holidays in France

Bonjour my friends,

What are we doing wrong to have allowed August to creep up upon us so quickly? Everything is flying passed at a phenomenal rate and the world makes you crazy, unless of course we are on holidays.

The French awaken to summer holidays in August and flee Paris for the south- to “escape to the country” (as my dear friend Kerry would exclaim in a full bodied British accent) and soak up the warmth and magnificent colour of her landscapes.

You too could head for something like this…

on the way to Castres in the Midi Pyrenees region in south western France for instance. No wonder the French head south. This was where for my french awakening, the true colours of France came shining through.

My “Road To Provence Quilt” commemorates the supreme colours of the South of France.

The pattern is available at for anyone interested in either buying the pattern or have me make a quilt for you or a friend.

Go on. Experience France in all its summery glory in August and in the meantime, let YOUR colours shine through this week.

In the word’s of Cyndi Lauper,

“I see your true colours and that’s why I love you

So don’t be afraid to let them show,

You’re true colours

True colours

Are beautiful like a rainbow.”

Au Revoir,

Best Wishes, Therese Waddell

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copyright@2011 Therese Waddell


7 Responses to “Awaken to Holidays in France”

  1. Love that first photo, Therese – and the quilts too, of course!

    • Thanks Richard. I took the photo on an unpretentious little camera so it just goes to prove how magical the landscape colour is at that time of year. Therese

      • Hi Debs, Thanks for all your comments.We do have France in common when it comes to our greatest loves! Sorry about the song but I do love it and it seemed so fitting at the time! I’m so glad you got around to organising another holiday to France and no doubt the language course will certainly help. yes, you must try quilting. The patterns on my website are from complete beginners to the more advanced quilter so hopefully you’ll find a lovely pattern to suit.
        ‘Looking forward in hearing all the news of your new endeavours and best of luck and good times ahead for you! Therese

  2. Bonjour Therese, I shall thank you for not being able to get that song out of my head later lol! It will be a while until I get to the south of France, still working my way around the north, already booked next years hols and can’t wait to get back there.

    Must continue blogging about my summer hols, got so many photos to share! The quilts are lovely, mine would be all purples and sunflower yellows for the lavender and sunflower fields. I may have a go at quilting if I can find some material, I’m feeling inspired.

    I start my french language evening class in September, can’t wait! Have you read Diary of a French Herb Garden by Geraldene Holt? She built a lovely walled herb garden in the Ardeche region in the south of France, I read it every once in a while to keep the dream alive!

    Herby hugs – Debs xxx

  3. Hi Therese,
    All beautiful, thank you for sharing,
    Marg x

  4. That is surreal! Pure magic!

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