Awaken to The New Quilt Website and French Inspiration

Bonjour everyone,

My French Awakening is so pleased to announce the arrival of my new quilt website inspired by France of course!

At long last I’ve kissed goodbye my old quilting website and forged on through ugly IT jargon to produce something new and fresh with new quilt designs from my french awakening. This is your introduction to a whole new Custom made Quilt Section- my very special Memory Quilt Section which may touch the heart and give you some comfort for loving friends and family the way you do. What does it all mean? Well, just go to and have a good look. There’s something for you.

Even though some of you darling people haven’t the foggiest idea on how to sew, I have some easy quilts that will get you started, like my ‘Diamonds Are Forever Quilt’ and a very special section introducing Custom Made Memory Quilts using precious fabrics (of ties, cotton shirts, dresses and so on) from loved ones who have passed away and giving me the honour of combining and transforming such pieces into a beautiful quilt to snuggle under. Colours and design will match personality and I can’t think of anything better than being wrapped in a quilt like this, can you?

Just to give you an idea, my latest Custom Memory Quilt was for a lovely lady who had lost her husband too soon. She provided me with his favourite silk ties which I combined with gorgeous silk from the south of France. They lived near the sea and loved these rich nautical colours so I called the Quilt,’ St Tropez To The Stars- In Loving Memory of John- The Real Star.’ It was a testimony to great times in France!

It gave me a lot of satisfaction to see that she loved the quilt so much!

A special Custom Made Memory Quilt is just what you need to sooth the soul and an answer to not bearing to throw out sentimental clothing of someone you have loved. You know what I mean.

Or perhaps you and yours are lucky enough to still be in the land of the living and would love any of my patterns made up in your own glorious favourite colours for your home or as a beautiful gift, so just send me your enquiries at the following email address at   

I’ll be adding new quilts to my new site for you to enjoy. Subscribe to the RSS feed on the site so as not to miss out on updates.

I hope your having a fabulous day and thankyou for your wonderful wishes of support as always.

Best Wishes, Therese


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