Awaken to Evenings in Cult (70150), France

Bonjour everyone,

How are we? It’s Friday here and the beginning of school holidays. It’s that fabulous evening when you breathe out real slowly and stop running on work time and kiss goodbye our “Groundhog Days” of  routine and minute snatching. For one solid evening we choose to run on empty-a sublime emptiness where new dreams are given enough room to unveil themselves and curl open in the back crevice of your brain. Ever feel like that yourself?

I start to imagine things I want to do and things which bring me great inspiration on these evenings. Strangely enough there springs to mind one beautiful evening in the miniscule French village of Cult, (with a grand total of 218 inhabitants), where I felt the same thing as this one- thinking about the possibilities. Thinking BIG.

Let me show you. I thought you might appreciate some snaps of my french awakening that particular evening when the earth stood still- as it should from time to time.

Perhaps they might trigger a few pulses of good intentions. As for me this evening, a new quilting project is brewing away to celebrate the holidays. (Good enough reason for now anyway). For you, if you’re maybe sitting miles across the planet and who are not on holidays, I hope you manage to snatch a few inspirational moments over the weekend.

Have a good one.

Au Revoir,

Best Wishes, Therese



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