Awakening to Paris Affairs

Bonjour everyone,

With the recent heated debate and speculation over the innocence of French minister Dominique Strauss-Kahn and his alleged attempted rape in a New York hotel, it came with mixed headlines across France. ”Le Figaro’ sends shockwaves through France (“coup de tonnerre sur la presidentielle”) while other newspapers come up with alternate theories of innocence and conspiracy, such as those who seek to blacken the name of the main contender for the Presidency to replace President Nicolas Sarkozy in 2012.

Either way, it’s not a good look for the image of France.

I wondered if the French do believe in the three times married, sixty two year old’s innocence or are they more worried about the political ramifications to the Socialist Party?

Although Khan’s alleged attempted rape is a very serious issue for all concerned, this got me thinking about duplicity and acts of deceit in general, like extra marital affairs.

It seems affairs are not confined to any socio economic status. The Affairs Candidate can be an unlikely male or female from any walk of life, seeking inspiration and excitement. Throw in a mid life crisis, loneliness and sex and you may have some very real reasons why people have an affair.

There is no doubt that many French Presidents have a good track record of extra marital affairs. Take the current President Nicolas  Sarkozy for instance. His French voters tolerated his behaviour. Come to think of it, wasn’t France more concerned that Sarkozy had chosen the Italian born Carla Bruni- a musician, to be their First Lady of their beloved country, than their actual affair?

My french awakening turned into curiosity and having broached the topic of infidelity to some French women, it was clear that this was true.There were more ripples of discontent about his lover Carla Bruni’s musical career, her fashion sense and past nude photographs, than being the third party of the marriage.

Does this mean then that French society’s more accepting attitude encourage affairs?

Francois Mitterand and Jacques Chirac with his secret mistress, happily joined the queue for extra marital affairs a number of times. Do their actions make them worthy Presidents or husbands for that matter?

So it seems, that the French as a nation do not frown upon extra marital affairs as in the case of other countries. It’s also interesting that France’s famous ‘Statue of Liberty’ by Frederick August Bartholdi had two possible female models for the face. One may have been his mother but the other candidate was his mistress. Hmmm.

That’s surprising…

Does Liberty ignite the world or just the bedroom?

Au Revoir,

Best Wishes, Therese Waddell

copyright@ 2011 Therese Waddell


2 Responses to “Awakening to Paris Affairs”

  1. Hello my dear! I’m finally back in blogland and getting the chance to catch up on my favorite blogs…you have been busy with all your lovely quilts! I think my favorites are your Diamonds are Forever and Hexagon Star quilts…just beautiful! I’ve been without cable for over a month now, so I hadn’t heard about the scandal, but I think that, in general, men of power and influence tend to feel entitled to have affairs and society tends to be willing to overlook them as long they don’t bring too much attention to themselves. I think it’s a sad state of affairs….and even sadder when entitlement to an affair turns into the belief of entitlement to take whatever they want and violate another’s rights and person.

  2. Hey Mrs Mouse, nice to hear from you! Glad your back in cyber world and thanks for all your comments. Perhaps I should just stick to all the pretty things as we usually do- I don’t know what came over me! Let’s hope things sort themselves out so we can get down and concentrate on all those gorgeous French things which inspire us. Again, so lovely to hear from you and I await your next beautiful post! Therese

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