Awaken to French Inspired Quilt Making

Bonjour mes amis,

Je suis desole for my absence. I’ve been busy like you. My excuse is making quilts. French inspired quilts. Like this one…

And the funny thing is, once I start designing and making, my french awakening to quilting just  can’t seem to contain itself.

I’m certain you know the feeling. Others may recognise this as a relentless excuse not to re enter the real world but I’m happy with that.

Enjoy your busyness whatever it is and come rescue me if I submerge indefinately.

Au Revoir,

Best Wishes, Therese Waddell

copyright@ 2011 Therese Waddell


3 Responses to “Awaken to French Inspired Quilt Making”

  1. It’s beautiful!

  2. I am not a quilter – I would just love to buy one! Where?

    • Hello Linda, glad you like my quilts. I can make one for you if you go to the gallery of quilts on my quiltingthejourney website. The link is on the home page. You can then you can tell me which one you are interested in. kind regards, Therese

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