Awaken to French Restaurants

Bonjour everyone,

If you’re lucky enough to be in the heart of Paris and thinking of where to eat (well why wouldn’t you be?) I have a good recommendation, so do yourself a favour and book into the cosy little French restaurant ‘Chez Paul’ at 13 Rue de Charonne. Almost forty years old, it’s located in the Bastille district of the old Paris at the busy corner of Rue de Lappe.

To get things straight, ‘Chez Paul’ is not lavishly decorated nor sophisticated by any stretch of the imagination but it has a very homey feel to it and that’s what makes it so charming! It’s really just like going to grandma’s place. Undeniable clutter and photographs hanging on aged walls in ‘Chez Paul’ tell tales of bygone days of Paris and on closer inspection are usually off centred. Of course, some of you (hopefully only a few) will have the sudden desire to straighten them as you do back home once you’ve perused the interior before being seated. Try not to here. In summer, eat at a table outside if you’re tempted to do so.

Inside, you’ll discover that seats are close and intimate. Just like at home. Be prepared to be caught in conversation with those around you during the course of an evening and recognise now that these impromptu liasons with the locals can make for a truly friendly ambience. I love that! Yes, ‘Chez Paul’ attracts more locals than tourists which is always a great sign for me to eat there! I have met some amazing characters here and my french awakening has been broadened by the experience!

Red chequered tablecloths and lace window treatments, a bustling stream of waiters swooshing along black and white tiled flooring, earthy wooden appointments which reek of history, all add up to a quintessential Parisian experience.

Their menu, as large as The Deeds of The Estate, has been handled a zillion times and more, with pages curled and browning at the edges with mostly hand written amended details. This document, foody in detail, could retell many stories and unlock the key to a superb dining experience without the formality of a Michelin star restaurant. From your cosy seat, it won’t take you long to soak in the family spirit of the place.

Eric Teyant, Alain Viel and Daniel Daussin (chefs and patissier) have to be congratulated for their fine culninary efforts, producing amazing aromas which waft towards your table from the kitchen.

There’s a huge array of delicious french food cooked to perfection to appease any appetite. Relish the choices between homemade pate, creamy risotto and duck breast, onion soup, traditional esgargots, rabbit with rosemary, herring, smoked sausages, eggs all ways, even a ‘crazy salad with foie gras’ and so much more! Take a peep at some pages of their menu…

A tasting of their house desserts are just as memorable! For wine choice, ‘Chez Paul’ will accompany any dish with a nice selection of bordeaux wines which definately made my french awakening that much sweeter.

Good value for money and substantial servings, ‘Chez Paul’ offers  guests a real taste of authentic and traditional cuisine within an unpretentious atmosphere like home. It’s surrounded by some great little late night bars too. Is this the reason for my blurred photo? (sorry)

Your ‘Chez Paul’ experience can easily be a real highlight to your stay in the City of Light.

This restaurant is a treasure. For bookings contact

That reminds me, what was your last memorable French meal?

Au Revoir,

Best Wishes, Therese Waddell

Copyright@2011 Therese Waddell


5 Responses to “Awaken to French Restaurants”

  1. Oh my goodness, you make me hungry! Wish I could partake…

    • Hi there Hope, nice to hear from you again. This means that you’re well I take it and ready for new challenges! You would really like Chez Paul- natural and unpretentious but no skimping on the inspiring details. Hey, sounds like you! Have a great day, Therese

  2. What a great cosy place!!! It is like a cuddle. I can smell the food and feel the atmosphere. MMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  3. LOVE the hand-written menu – always a good sign in a bistro…
    merci carolg

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