Awaken to Crozon, Brittany.

Bonjour mes amis,

Your sitting outside ‘Jupiter’s Cafe’ at the western tip of Brittany, in the quaint French village of  Crozon…

and there’s decisions to be made, while guillemots (french sea birds) glaze the sky.

Do you venture over to the weekly marketplace outside the church to purchase fresh oysters and mussels for lunch or tempt yourself with the local produce of ‘Coquilles de St Jacques’ (scallops)- the taste of which will be impregnated in your memory forever?

Do you contemplate a sublime boat trip leaving from the Quai Kador down the road to explore the stunning green waters of the famous Caves (and ‘Devil’s Bedroom’)?

Perhaps a visit then to the local prehistoric menhirs by traversing the slopes of wild flowers or a local browse of vintage aura in Jeanne’s Brocante shop around the corner?

Or… do you simply order another cup of coffee and take refuge in a plate of bread and runny camembert under the Crozon Sun?

Arhh. Big decisions in beautiful Brittany. My french awakening to Crozon unfolded just like that!

Crozon is easy to reach by car- 22km from Brest Airport. If you go in Summer, you’ll be part of the audience of the ‘Festival de bout du Monde’, the music festival literally at ‘The World’s End’.

For more information on visiting the Caves, go to:

Best Wishes, Therese Waddell

Copyright@2011 Therese Waddell



2 Responses to “Awaken to Crozon, Brittany.”

  1. All very beautiful. Shall visit the Devil’s Bedroom one day and go to the Jupiter’s Cafe. Anyway pamper myself in beautiful Brittany. Crozon seems an ideal place to retire or enjoy peaceful quality life.

    • Yes Juergen, you would love the quality of life here and living beside the sea would be magic. However, you and Alex with such wonderful dispositions and eagerness to learn, would find most places a discovery. All the best, Therese

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