Awaken to The Eiffel Tower View Points

Bonjour mes amis,

Almost the week has passed and I believe I’ve actually learnt something at work. It came to me like a wack across the top of my student’s head (only kidding) and I felt an instant thwack of thought change.

Viewpoints. I learnt that different perspectives make an item of interest or necessity, less stressful and more enjoyable because we can gather new information, become more aware and our enhanced comprehension allows us an opportunity for further discovery and change.

This phenomena (can I call it that?) can be related to all sorts of things like photography, relationships and even travel. Psychologists suggest that if we can look through someones else’s perspective, we can establish a closer rapport. Sounds good to me.

What am I suggesting to you as a traveller? See things from different perspectives and vantage points.

My french awakening to the Eiffel Tower from different perspectives, made me discover that there’s not just one way of looking at this amazing icon of Paris. Yes, you can go straight up and look down from a bird’s eye view all over Paris, or picnic on the lawn below and gaze upwards (as suggested in my blog at

but why not consider a new and entirely different vantage point?

Where you ask? Walk to the Place du Trocadero to the area I particularly find inspiring, known as ‘The Place of Human Rights’.

Observe the Eiffel Tower directly across the Seine…

in the company of seven gilded bronze women and one single man who stand representative of Youth, Flora, Birds,  Morning (le Matin), Gardens, Spring and Fruits.

With symbols of heraldry, these beautiful statues radiate in brilliant gold under a French sun. President Mitterand  proclaimed that this plaza was “The place of the rights of man and human liberties” in 2005 and world war two concentration camps were liberated accordingly. What a change!

And that’s a whole different perspective and discovery don’t you think?

Au revoir,

Best wishes, Therese

copyright@2010 Therese Waddell


4 Responses to “Awaken to The Eiffel Tower View Points”

  1. Alex de freitas Says:

    That’s living. Seeing things through our eyes and the other’s eyes. You discover so much.

    Vive la vie mon amie!

    It is like listenning. Listen not to what you want to hear but to what is being said to you.

    A tres bientot et bizzes ssssssssssss

  2. Beautiful thoughtful post! I wanted to stop by and invite you to enter my first ever giveaway…I’m celebrating a hundred followers!

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!
    Hope Ava

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