Awaken to French Philosophy

Bonjour mes amis,

Last week I went to see the new Julia Roberts film ‘Eat, Pray. Love.’ Not a lot of films which come out of Hollywood can actually TEACH you something. For me, this one did. It reminded me that when we have a balance of the social, spiritual and the physical, then our lives become more complete.

Whatever you’ve been doing today my friends, give a thought to spending some part of your day like the Italians and the French who have cultivated the “sweetness of doing nothing”. The Italians call it “Il dolce far niento”. The French have mastered this art too…

and my french awakening has grown into learning to cultivate this philosophy into life’s remedy. I’m certainly not great at doing nothing either, unlike some of my beautiful friends…

Are you? Have you given yourself the opportunity to do absolutely nothing somewhere in your day so far?

No one said it would be plain and simple and I imagine it could take years for some of us to strike a balance but there is so much pleasure in giving it a go.

The famous French philospoher Voltaire once said, “God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well”.

So enjoy your food and wine, your family and friends, and especially try to entwine some snatched moments of pure sweetness in your day. TODAY.You’ll be very glad you did!

Cup of tea anyone?

Au Revoir,

Best Wishes, Therese

copyright@2010 Therese Waddell



2 Responses to “Awaken to French Philosophy”

  1. Alex de Freitas Says:

    Very hard not to do nothing, but very sweet. It feels good! Living in Australia with life going at a rhythm of 200 an hour it requires a lot of practice to sit and do nothing but it is a challenge worthwhile trying.

    Plaisir , Sante , Travail! Allez-y tout le monde. Gross bisous et bonne chance.

    • Doing nothing or just contemplating doing nothing can be in itself a relevation. Although difficult for some of us, it can give one the quiet impetus to move on. Remember the lull before the storm, Alex!

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