Awakening to French Monuments, Paris

Bonjour mes amis,

While you’re wandering through beautiful Paris on your next trip, you’re going to no doubt fall straight in the line of monuments and fountains. These will usually be sculptured in marble or bronze, decorated in varying degrees of  ornamentation- perhaps even coated with gold or at the very least gilded in parts. Many of them will be massive in stature. Why stop?

There are all sorts of monuments in Paris-such as those who commemorate patriotic soldiers, monuments to mark the place of historical significance, of middle class respectability, even monuments to human ingenuity. Some people walk by them. I tend not to.

My French awakening has come to realise that these monuments have one thing in common- they each tell a story. And I love stories…

So I’m sending you my photo of one of my favourite statues from Place de la Concorde- the biggest public square in Paris which was designed by Gabriel aaround 1755 for Louis XV( in his popular days). This same square (which is actually octagonal in shape and once surrounded by a moat) was the guillotine site for over thirteen hundred  French (including Louis XVI) during the Revolution.

You will find it just outside the eastern gate of the Tuileries Garden. Massive and standing above a high pedestal base, this magnificent winged horse carrying his rider always seems to remind me of the fact that we should get back on our horse when things have not been that easy and clip clop along again. Or perhaps really kick our heels in, with one arm outstretched into the air and fly?

P.S. May we all become monuments in our lifetime, with more “concorde” than “revolution”!

Au Revoir,

Best Wishes, Therese Waddell

copyright@2010 Therese Waddell

3 Responses to “Awakening to French Monuments, Paris”

  1. Glad you’re back, Therese, I missed your posts!


  2. carolinebotwin Says:

    I love your posts. I have just started the same…would you look at mine and make suggestions.

    Thanks, Caroline Botwin

    • Dear Caroline,
      Thanks for your encouragement. I’m here to do the same for you as you have loads of interesting and informative stuff yet it’s lovely and personal and I guess at the end of the day, people like real experiences and feelings. So reassuring in a high tech world! I’m looking forward to hearing from you more, best wishes, Therese

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