Awaken to Cordes sur Ciel, France

Bonjour mes amis,

It’s so good to be back with you! I hope you’re all doing well. I’ve had my fair share of drama this last month with more than a sprinkling of stress thrown into a large family who generally run on a hectic schedule of wants and needs. But this month was “exceptionelle” we admit and although I like the roller coaster, I felt like disappearing into some sense of hibernation on more than a few occasions. Which brings me to my favourite hiberating spot in France. Cordes sur Ciel or just plain, “Cordes”.

Beautiful, solid Cordes which can enclose the weakest of hearts and the most indecisive of spirits.  It’s located in the Tarn Department in the beautiful South of France and is a must see while on your next trip to France.

Cordes was built under the Count of Toulouse way back in 1222. It hasn’t changed much over all this time considering the turbulent history and the ravages of plague. Many grand maisons (houses) are still very much intact, such as La Maison du Grand Ecuyer.

It’s hard to believe that those protruding gargoyles are seven hundred and eighty eight years old!

You’ll certainly appreciate Cordes stability too…

when you take its petite train up passed toughened walls of  stone…

to amazing views at the summit. My french awakening was initially alarmed along the steep incline of the path which leads to its cool peak, but the view of the valley from the low lying clouds makes it all worthwhile. Calm.

Other people besides myself have hibernated in Cordes. Many artisans-painters, brilliant glass blowers, craftsmen and musicians and even wandering minstrels are in residence here celebrating their passion. Many of you my friends who I know appreciate the Arts and Crafts, will thrive here. Cordes is filled with the fresh blood of creativity and passion, in a rock solid framework.

Arh! Something many of us can only wish for.

Regularly, both local and International musicians and creative geniuses  come together in the famous Cordes festival- resonating their beautiful soothing tones over the valley below. And if that doesn’t get you up and dusted, Cordes Museum of ‘The Art of Sugar and Chocolate’ will surely entice any hermit out of his or her created shell. The sweet aroma works every time!

Sometimes when we’re at our most rocky heights, we need places like Cordes- these great  solid bastides of medieval times have always been there to protect its inhabitants from marauders and give us all some peace and quiet in times of conflict.

I’m so glad to be back!

Au Revoir,

Best Wishes,

Therese Waddell

copyright@2010 Therese Waddell

5 Responses to “Awaken to Cordes sur Ciel, France”

  1. Leanne Borg Says:

    Lovely Therese. Keith and I are heading to Europe for a month in Sept and 2 weeks holiday in France. I was just talking to him about your blog. I am trying to decide where to go! We want to relax and not move around much this time But there are too many wonderful places we are still yet to visit.

    • Hi Leanne,
      Great to hear you’re heading to France. Two weeks will give you a brief interlude into fine food and wonderful experiences. Perhaps hire a car to see as much as possible or choose one region and work your way to and fro from there. I’d be happy to give more suggestions. Best wishes, Therese

  2. «Louis» found this post to be delightful.

    He thanks you for your visit to and comment at his old “Frog Blog”. He no longer publishes that blog, but is now publishing San Francisco Bay Daily Photo.

  3. Nanette Kingston Says:

    Unfortunately we saw this intriguing town from a distance on our way south in April but instinctively knew that it had to be special.

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