Awaken To Lyon, France

Bonjour mes amis,

How are things with you? I hope you’re feeling adventurous because you’re going to be taken to Lyon today. It’s about 400km from Paris (Gare de Lyon) to Lyon, and it will take just under two hours on the very fast moving TGV. Let the train glide you through some gorgeous French countryside and before you know it, you’ve arrived in Lyon.

Head straight for the Old Quarter of Lyon and explore the courtyards and traboules (alleyways) which the silk manufacturers and escaping French Resistance fighters used many years ago.

And you’ll see wells tucked in a corner or two- remnants of the past…

In the Old Quarter, you can browse fabulous shops and artisan galleries and enter any one of the Lyonnais cafes or fine restaurants for some gastronomic delight of veal sausages, salads, coq au vin made with local wine, pike (fish) dumplings, potatoes and lentils …

My french awakening  found Lyon the culinary capital of France! There’s so much to see, taste and experience here, you could easily spend a year!

For one thing, you MUST try the tempting meringues (the size of footballs ) from any Lyonnais patisserie. Mouthwatering meringues which are surprisingly encrusted with ripened red strawberries or you may fancy merigue ones filled with delicious French chocolate. Tempted eh?

And you can take Lyon in, sitting at a fountain with the locals and soak up some Lyonnais sunshine…

before visiting a fabulous Museum such as the Musee Des Beaux Arts. Get completely lost in the seventy rooms of this magnificent building holding many inspiring works from Primitive Art to Modern including the French masters and fantastic sculptures from the Middle Ages to the Twentieth Century works. There’s something for everyone here.

For practical information such as opening times go to:

For a dominating view of the city, head for the Basilica of Fourviere on the hilltop (take the funicular upwards) and you will be overlooking all of Lyon.

The cream and pale blue  is Fourviere’s homage to Mary, who is believed to protect the city of Lyon.

You can walk the very pretty terraced gardens at the base of Fourviere…

and stroll through the Garden of The Rosary…

and while you’re near the Basilica, why not visit the site of the Roman Ruins where Lyon was first founded? These days, concerts, opera and dance performances are held in the large amphitheatre which is still intact.

and the Museum of the Gallo Roman Ruins. It’s truly beautifully displayed.

Then walk across the bridge where Old meets New and wander around in bustling, modern Lyon for a whole lot more.

For anyone interested in fashion and costumes, quilting, silks and tapestries, find your way to the Museum of Fabric/Textiles (Tissus) and Decorative Arts (and don’t spare the horses!).

You’ll be able to not only view some drop dead gorgeous fabrics and textiles and authentic costumes with extreme detail and finery but you’ll be able to purchase some fabric samples  which are made into envelopes (these are very small, but heavenly) in the foyer shop…

This place is a quilter’s dream and a haven for fabric collectors.

 For more information go to:

Lyon will keep you happy for quite some time. You can discover the fantastic trompe l’oeil paintings on many unexpected spots on buildings and if you’re lucky enough to be in Lyon on the 5th to the 8th December 2010, you’ll witness the city coming alive with the Lyon Light Festival (Fete des Lumieres). Take a peep here…

Thousands of candle lamps are lit in the windows of Lyonnais homes as well as fabulous lighting illuminations along streets and shopping precincts in honour of the Virgin Mary.

Now that’s spirit for you!

I know you’ll have a wonderful time here in Lyon. See for yourself!

Au Revoir,

Best Wishes, Therese Waddell

Copyright@2010 Therese Waddell


3 Responses to “Awaken To Lyon, France”

  1. Thanks for posting this, Therese. I really enjoyed visiting Lyon with an Australian theatre group in the early 1980’s. We performed in a theatre with the intriguing name ‘Condition des Soies’ (Condition of Silk, I believe). And the food was indeed great, with particularly memorable quenelles. Cheers, Richard

  2. Hi Therese,
    Just loved the idea of those meringues!!! Some of the buildings look a bit “meringuey” as well!!
    Some beautiful photographs, thanks for sharing!
    Marg x

  3. Hi, You have ton come to Lyon for the “Fete des lumieres”. It’s an incredible event. The complete city is under lights. Each year it start the 8 December

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