Awakening to Mothers Day in France

Bonjour mes amis,

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and it got me thinking about the real treasures that are passed down in time from mothers to daughters which spark the fondest memories of all.

I’ve had the privilege to have spent time with French hosts all across France, who surround themselves with family heirlooms from the past and in particular from their own mothers.  There is nothing so finer than to live with personal reminders and discover the things which we deem priceless.

Sometimes they offer no monetary value at all- that is the point. You know what I mean. How many of us have kept our sons’ and daughters’ cards of love which they have made for us during the early years of schooling? I know I have.

The pride of a daughter, my host, showing me their mother’s lovingly restored items which embellish a corner of the room, is always truly moving. Often a tear is shed and their smiles broaden as they recall their stories of the past.

So, in honour of Fete des Meres  (Mother’s Day), I’d like to show you some of these treasures which all tell a story and all introduce mothers like our own.

From a little village in Burgandy…a silk purse of Soisick’s mothers.

Her mother’s sewing machine…

Her mother’s favourite painting of herself…

And in Champagne-Ardenne, where the same door key her mother used as a child, is knowingly pressed into my host’s palm.

Then there’s Dominique’s mother in Rouen, who showpieces her mother’s artwork on the mantle- with her needlecase and jewellery box oozing exotic tales…

And perfume bottles which when breathed in deeply with the lid off, still pangs the heart with the faintest aroma of her mother’s cologne.

These are the things which bind us no matter how small and quirky, artistic or not and they each honour our mothers for more than her lifetime.

So, a very big “Happy Mother’s Day” to you mum for all your positivism and support and to all my beautiful friends who are fabulous mothers.

May you have a day to remember.

Au Revoir,

Best Wishes, Therese Waddell

copyright@2010 Therese Waddell


4 Responses to “Awakening to Mothers Day in France”

  1. Therese Hancock Says:

    Wishing you a very Happy Mothers day my dear friend, you are one of the very best mother’s that I know.

    May your day be filled with laughter and happiness as all those precious memories that we store away in our own little memory boxes come flooding back.

  2. Mothers Day is already passed in the US, UK and Autralia (and maybe other countries…)!
    But in France, it’s Sunday next week.
    La Fête des Mères, en France, is always the last Sunday of May, except if the last Sunday is Withsun/pentecost, then it’s the first Sunday of June 😉

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