Awakening To French Spas in Salins des Bains.

Bonjour mes amis,

Feeling like you need a rest and be totally spoilt? Then we’re off to Salins des Bains today in the pursuit of total French luxury.

Salins des Bains is a village owing its name to its surrounding saline waters and boasting an ancient 8th century saltworks buried many metres below the earth’s surface. It is approximately two hours by train from Paris, on the branch of the Paris-Lyon train line, in the Franche Comte region of North Eastern france.

Les Anciennes Salins (or saltworks) has been processing salt for over a thousand years and no doubt was a boon to food preservation in the past. It closed in 1962 but ever since its closure, buses bring thousands of tourists to join guides into the underground chambers and view galleries filled with historical memorabilia and of course, the hydraulic pump.

Needless to say that this wasn’t for us, but the thought of luxuriating in  an actual French spa with the locals ranked much higher and we headed straight for the salt pools- an oasis away from all these tourists! My french awakening could not be contained and I tore open my luggage and grabbed my swimming cossie before you could say, “Shark”!

I’ve dreamt about wading in a French salt spa for as long as I can remember. I have read that their lies a difference in each of the salt spas across France, depending on which region and the concentration of specific minerals present in the salt.

The details you won’t need either, so just go and enjoy every minute. You’ll be feeling gorgeous for ever so long!

Spa therapy is no doubt perceived as a very serious matter in France and we’re all so glad! We understand why and we also have to recognise that food is too, so combine the two and you have the perfect afternoon in France on your next trip!

Twenty metres from the ‘Thermes’, at number 1, Place des Allies, a row of topiary standards in deep grey boxes partition an area of tables and chairs outside the quaint Restaurant Brasserie des Bains.

There are other great restaurants in Salins des Bains yet Chef Maurice Marchand we were told proposes a light and delicate cuisine perfect for after-spa jaunting for my French awakening.

Take a peep at my simple yet sublime seafood meal of Normandy Salmon in a delicate orange sauce dotted with prawns and scallops, delicious served with Basmati rice fragrant with a hint of cardamon. Yes, I devoured the entire dish after a morning of spa therapy. Tres bien!

(The hand blown glasses aren’t bad either!)

So there you have it! For more information, go to:


Visit Salins des Bains, the” city of sparkling waters” on your next trip to France and you will no doubt drift home.

Au revoir,

Best Wishes, Therese Waddell

copyright@2010 Therese Waddell


3 Responses to “Awakening To French Spas in Salins des Bains.”

  1. seriously, mustve taken time and effort to do this! I actually did read it… it seems you reay have a passion here and my respect has grown for you much higher than it was. good job! x

    • Glad you stopped by Alex and hope that I inspire you to travel next year. Remember that it’s the experiences filled with love and inspiration which leads you often to your greatest joys. All the best, Therese

  2. le ::sigh::….. Sounds lovely

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