Awakening to Brittany, France

Bonjour mes amis,

I’m taking you to the North West of France today- to Brittany my friends, where you’ll be lulled by the sounds of the sea into complete relaxation. Brittany has been an intense inspiration for many artists and it will be for you too- and you don’t have to take a paint brush!

We will however, definately need a picnic hamper filled with some local Brittany products such as some yummy savoury galettes,(they’re like crepes), a seafood terrine perhaps, local cider, Kouign aman (Brittany’s famous butter cake) and maybe some chocolate chestnuts! Brittany has wonderful local cuisine you must try!

My French awakening slowed to an almighty halt when I strolled along the sands of one of Brittany’s many magnificent beaches. Come with me…

Flat and so easy to cover distance, before long you’ll start to feel reflective and even begin to feel hypnotised into thinking you can go on like this forever, side stepping the occasional pool of water and ripple.

Even with your eyes squinting closed as a reaction to the sun’s glare, the lovely warmth of its heat and the sound of the distant waves, lulls you into a coastal isolation enough to sooth the weakest of spirits and exhausted of travellers.

And look what I collected along the way…

Brittany is a particularly beautiful change of pace in your French travel itinerary. It is here where you’ll walk on France’s most westerly tip at Finistere.

I think it’s very aptly named as it means “end of the earth or land’s end” and hidden sandy coves dotted here and there make fantastic camping or picnic spots for tourists and locals alike.

You’ll enjoy the interactive panoramic shots of Brittany at:

Visit the charming fishing village of Cameret sur Mer, protected by a curved jetty and  eat at any one of the fabulous restaurants here for a local seafood lunch.

Or check out among the shipyards the model of Cameret’s famous shipping boat called, ‘The Bell Etoile” or visit the famous Vauban Tower which now holds a great maritime Museum which was originally built many years ago as part of the fortifications to protect Brest.

Then there’s the Tas De Pois rock formations at Pointe de Pen Hir and see the spectacular rugged cliff faces that have been lovingly painted by fabulous artists such as Monet, Matisse, Picasso, Vasarley, Isabey, Corot and many more. My french awakening can only imagine the drama of these rugged cliffs on a stormy day.

The Crozon Peninsular offers wonderful views across the Atlantic. Back on the mountain tops, hiking amonst wind driven grasses and granite megoliths of the Neolithic Age is  possible too.

But most of all, not only will you be lured in by the ocean of Brittany’s dramatic coastline, the best part of Brittany is its people who exude such warmth and friendliness it’s difficult not to return.

You will love Brittany my friends. Don’t miss it.

Au Revoir,

Best Wishes, Therese Waddell

Copyright@2010 Therese Waddell


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