Awaken To Therese Waddell’s Quilt Designs

Bonjour mes amis,

Attention all quilters of the world! Its time to introduce the products of my French Awakening-my own french inspired quilt patterns and designs found at

This website was produced by moi who wanted quilters of the world to be able to achieve many beautiful quilts in a short period of time! Take a look at my first selection of quilts and their patterns by clicking on the photograph in the top right corner or go directly to the website for purchasing or perusing…. and let me know what you think lovelies!

I do hope you like it all!

PS A special THANKYOU to all my beautiful family members and gorgeous friends who have encouraged me all this time to finally fulfil a dream inspired by France.

Au Revoir,

Best Wishes, Therese Waddell


13 Responses to “Awaken To Therese Waddell’s Quilt Designs”

  1. hi Therese, Congratulations! A beautifully conceived web site. I just loved the birds singing from my computer, Marg x

  2. Thank you for visiting French Essence, Therese….we certainly do share a love of France. I wish I was in the same league when it comes to sewing! xv

    • Thanks so much Vicki for such kind and supportive words regarding my quilts and blog. I’m certain you could whip up one of these designs using some of your gorgeous French vintage fabric in your favourite colours in no time! Why not give one a go? You could always visit one of the fabirc shops in France. All the very best and thanks again, Best Wishes, Therese Waddell

  3. Therese Hancock Says:

    It’s been a long time coming, but now it’s here. Congratulations my beautiful friend, your dream has finally come true. As always, your bright, colourful and bubbly nature is overflowing within your website (just like a good bottle of French Champagne). You never fail to inspire others, whether it is to create or bring out their confidence to do whatever they are also dreaming of.

    • Dear Therese, Does this mean we open another bottle of Moet? Thanks babe! I couldn’t have done any of this without your support! Our travels will always continue to inspire. Love, Therese x

  4. Really clever and cute site Therese. I love the quilts as ‘masterpieces’ in their own frames! It’s really hard to pick a favourite, but I’m leaning towards the medallion quilt. Congratulations in getting your dream a reality.

  5. Magnificent website. I love the birds singing in the background and I love the house with all the tricks you put on it and around it. A lot of work and love. You must have had great fun doing all this. I shall pass it on to a bunch of my friends.

    Gros bisous

    Alex et Tiger

    • Merci Alex, The house is a remastery of Monet’s House in Giverney, just outside Paris. I loved it so much when I was there poking my head out of Monet’s bedroom, that I decided there and then to use it as the front page to my website! Thanks again, Therese

  6. Wow! Congratulations Therese. The website looks beautiful. I’ll send the link to my sister the quilter. And I love your blog, now that I’ve finally made time to explore it.

  7. Tricia Bell Says:

    Bonjour Madame Waddell – as if I’ve not been intimidated enough looking at your quilts on our get togethers at Madame Keegan’s…..Now I see them all coiffed and draped and presented beautifully in a gilded frame with a jolly History Lesson to boot! You must be very proud of your achievements. Monsieu Bill has earnt a large bottle of Bubbles. I wonder if I’ll ever progress from sample squares with my quilts????
    C’est Magnifique!!

    Tricia Bell

    • Bonjour Madame Bell (VB), Your comments are too kind. It’s bubbles all round at our next sewing night and never underestimate your wonderful needlework! Such adept fingers holding both quilt and champagne flute is a skill I have not mastered fully! Love, Therese x

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