Awaken to Celebrities Who Knit and Quilt

Bonjour mes amis,

I’m going a little left field here, but I woke up this morning wanting to know more about celebrities who knit and quilt.I wondered if Angelina Jolie quilted, reading that her gorgeous hubby Brad Pitt knitted (just like Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker of  ‘Sex And The City’ fame and let’s not omit the nimble fingers of the seductive Cameron Diaz for that matter!)

Was that true? If you’re reading this Brad or Angelina, perhaps you can fill us in on the truth. It would do a world of good if we (the quilters of the world) actually discovered that you and Angelina can be ALL THAT and quilt too!

It would mean that quilting is not just for the older woman or grannies of this world whose children have left the nest and they wish to needle and thread their way back from “fading to black” – a phrase that my good friend Mary uses from time to time.

I know male quilters such as the gorgeously colourful Kaffe Fassett produces even more incredible knitting and quilting as he gets older and seems to still exude the original simple pleasure and passion for colour and design when he began.

You only have to take a peep at his work at:

and be truly inspired to keep quilting!

My french awakening broadened when certain French celebrities such as the famous French poppet Audrey Hepburn who starred in the memorable ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s’ was caught knitting while on set. And we all know that ANYTHING she produced would be oh so divinely elegant just like her, not to mention tres petite!

It just goes to prove that quilting and other handicrafts inspires us humans at any level of fame. That’s a perky thought which soothes the average quilter no doubt.
There’s certainly a place for the long lived handiwork of quilting and knitting across the globe.

But… perhaps we were never average after all!

Long live the humble needle and thread!

Au Revoir,

Best Wishes, Therese Waddell

Copyright@ 2010 Therese Waddell

One Response to “Awaken to Celebrities Who Knit and Quilt”

  1. virginia davies Says:

    How wonderful to have met you Therese. I look forward to a whole new world on all things French.This is my first foray into your site!
    Love virginia

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