Awakening To French Fabrics in Montmartre

Bonjour mes amis,

I have another quilting secret from Paris. If, like me, you are on the hunt for more French fabrics while in Paris, a trip to Montmartre is always worth a visit. It has fabric shops galore snaking in and out of the Montmartre maze of streets (or rues) and is loads of fun as you join the treasure hunt for all sorts of quilting fabric!

I consider Montmartre “fabric heaven” and bargains are to be had here but be on the ready to bargain at times, particularly if you are buying metres and also check for seconds thoroughly while you’re at it.

To start, begin your hunt from the bottom of Sacre Coeur steps. I wish I could take you with me next time but for now I’d like to show you what I bought last time I was poking around in Montmartre. My french awakening grew costly with all my purchases, but I have used many of the fabrics I’ve bought since then and that’s actually a bonus in some quilting circles!

All you non quilters ( and I do appreciate there must be a few of you) MUST NEVER EVER under estimate the process of quilt construction.

Step 1: Acknowlegde that fabric choice is a long but never painful process for the quilter.

Step 2: Acknowlegde that fabric once chosen, can be rechosen after choosing countless other alternatives in between.

Step 3: Acklowledge that many quilts may spring to mind when choosing fabric for a single quilt but the quilt intended will always be acknowledged eventually.

Step 4: Acknowlegde that a pattern should be adhered to for the sake of complete dilemmas in the fabric shop.

Step 5: Take a friend, but realise that a quilting minded pal will stick to the golden rule  in the shop which is:- Be there, nod a great deal and take with you plenty of tissues when the last of the fabric bolt is empty.

Step 6: Acknowledge that colour choice was wise and make note of the shop’s opening hours for the rest of the fabric you decide to go back for in the morning!

Having done all this, take a peep at some of my Montmartre french fabric discoveries.

Here are some of the silks and woven cottons  of many colours which I made into a quilt for the wall.

And look at this beautiful cherry red toile which I have used many times (I bought so much of this gorgeous fabric) where every scene depicts a story. French fabric can say so much about…




And dreaming…

And if you like this, you may like my other purchase of divine little French motifs which I have used in my ‘French Country Quilt’. My website at

will have all my patterns including this one very shortly.

If you love blue, as many of you do, you will like these.

Or take a look at the Louis XIV prancing horses on fabric…

And the other circus menagerie which would look fabulous on any quilt.

Then, there are these pieces to inspire a medallion quilt of all sorts…

So, my dear quilting friends the treasure hunt begins in Montmartre! Don’t miss it next time you’re in Paris. Remember though that great things take time and fabric hunting is a work in progress!

Have fun!

Au revoir,

Best wishes, Therese Waddell


3 Responses to “Awakening To French Fabrics in Montmartre”

  1. Thanks so much for visiting my blog! Your blog is very many beautiful fabrics and photos!

  2. Found your site while looking for Quimper design. I loved it. Will have to visit now.

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