Awakening To Valentines Day, French Style!

Bonjour mes amis,

Happy Valentines Day (Joyeuse Saint Valentin) to you! I hope you have a wonderful day surrounded by those you love but before you go and open the mail today or fill that vase with freshly plucked flowers, spare a thought to the romance of the French.

It may be a complete surprise to you (but absolutely no surprise to me at all), to learn that Valentines Day originated with a Frenchman. It was the Duke of Orleans in fact, who sent the very first Valentines Card ( or une cart de la Saint Valentin) and poem to his lover from prison,way back in the early 1400’s.

Do the French know the language of love better than anyone else?

You can only know the answer to this, but it is worth considering the origin of the devotion when you open up your box of chocolates or your bouquet of flowers or fruit plucked from the garden or your little hand made card with hand drawn hearts and kisses.

Let’s give some credit to the French for instigating such a romantic, thoughtful act of kindness and love years ago, then realise how lucky we are to have our your partners and admirers including the little people in our lives today.

Happy Valentines Day my dear friends.

Au Revoir,

Best Wishes,

Therese Waddell


2 Responses to “Awakening To Valentines Day, French Style!”

  1. Lovely,
    Happy Valentines Day, Therese!

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