Awakening to Chanel

Bonjour mes amis,

One of the best times you can spend in Paris is window shopping. It costs you nothing to gawk at these fabulous French windows and drool in appreciation of style and just plain pizazz!

Window shoppers are growing in numbers and they often seem immobilized mouthing the word” ooh” in front of many Parisien shop windows. This is because Paris shops ooze flair for amazing presentation and generally high quality.

It is also a well known fact (as my french friends and travel companions would testify) that they have been known to lure even the strongest into wanting and needing everything that stands behind Parisien glass.

My french awakening was enticed into exercising no judgement at all, when I pressed my nose against the glass shop window of Chanel for instance.

Those little black shoes with a nice pair of heels promised to give me so much pleasure and overcome any moral resistance I may have shown before crossing the street into the world of Chanel.

Oddly enough, so did the little quilted clutch bags…

…but then again, the necklaces were looking better all the time…

Did these art pieces in their divine shape and form mean to act as any type of decoy to trap or ensnare unsuspecting window shoppers? Hmmn.

Perhaps it is purely coincidental that they are simply placed on pristine glass shelving at a height which makes us all look upwards-a height that some of us can aspire to no doubt with the right bank balance.

In any case, there’s no harm in window shopping is there? You won’t find better windows than those of Paris stores.

Haute Couture is sprayed across the the Champse Elysee, Avenue Montaigne, Rue de la Pays, Boulevarde Haussmann,  Rue du Faubourg St Honore and Rue de Rennes, but there are plenty more windows to keep you breathing out long and hard. Arhh!

Au Revoir,

Best Wishes, Therese Waddell

copyright@2010Therese Waddell


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