Awakening To La Defense

Bonjour everyone,

La Defense is Paris’ answer to Planet Krypton! So different from Paris, you’ll love the contrast of this very unusual sky rise business district encased in glass- so take yourself out there on your next trip.

You can see La Defense quite easily from the top of the Arc de Triomph. Take a look here.  It’s that huge concentration of very tall buildings at the very end, masking the horizon. 

La Defense is easy access by train from Paris and is a new and contemporary world on its own. It’s different- my french awakening opened to something entirely new with its reflective glass surfaces and  bold geometric shapes soaring high into the sky.

One of the most famous landmarks at La Defense is The Grande Arche. You’ll love it. Keep an open mind! It’s glass and steel at it’s best. The past French President Mitterand who initiated it, was looking for a twentieth century version of the Arc de Triumph. I think he certainly found it! What do you think?

Travel to the top of this hollow cube and besides viewing an art exhibition on the way, the view is amazingly different.

Grab some fabulous takeaway food at the very popular bakery inside “Quatre Temps”  shopping mall and have it alfresco on the steps under the Arch. It’s a really popular setting to catch some sun like we did. Take a look  

at my salmon salad. It was wonderful!

After lunch, take a stroll around a showcase of modern art with fun statues and sculptures and interesting modern pieces dotted everywhere in this perfect setting of outdoor space.

La Defense is an emergence of office blocks and units with entertainment and  inexpensive eateries, shops, restaurants, supermarket and artworks , offering plenty to see and do.

So, for you mon ami, try something new and perhaps you’ll be really surprised. It’s not at all like Paris itself but, everyone thought the Eiffel Tower was an aweful extreme too when it was first built.

Viva la difference!

Au Revoir,

Best Wishes,

Therese Waddell


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