Awakening To The Sights of The Seine.

Bonjour mes amis,

Funny things always seem to happen on the Seine. For me, anyway. Other things besides the beautiful rippling waterway distract me and more brilliant things start to appear when I simply sit still on it’s cobblestone banks or stand above a bridge and lean over.

When you’re next in Paris, you can do what all the other tourists do and take a lovely cruise  by Batobus down the river and beyond and photograph and take it all in.

Or you can just sit or stroll along the cobbled banks of the Seine and be inticed into complete idleness. And that’s when you get lucky enough to observe the glorious unexpected.

Take a look what I found.

So, my pearl of wisdom for all of you today is this. Go gently, look hard.

That’s when you may find your greatest discoveries!

Au Revoir,

Best Wishes, Therese Waddell


2 Responses to “Awakening To The Sights of The Seine.”

  1. Love your photos’ Are any for sale. I dream of making the trip to Paris

    • Thanks so much Joy! It ‘s so nice to have some feedback on my photography- I do try! My photos are not available at present as I’m working on a book and using them and a whole heap more. Thanks again though and you really MUST make your trip to Paris- you will LOVE it! Best wishes, Therese

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