Awakening To Paris Fashion Parades

Bonjour mes amis,

Now, we’ve all wanted to snatch up a ticket to a Fashion Parade in Paris and I’m going to tell you how to do just that!

Did you know that fashion parades are held continually on the seventh floor of  Galerie Lafayette flagship store at number 40 Bld Hausmann.

Well, yes they are! And they are a gorgeous introduction to many of the top brands sold within Lafayette and France itself!

Only people with the confirmation letter from Lafayette may enter into this exclusive event.

So how to get a booking for the fashion parade, means you have to email Galerie Lafayette sometimes as long as six months in advance of your intended trip. And that’s precisely what I do when I’m going to Paris.

The email  should be sent to the wonderfully helpful Catherine Domenech of the Galeries Lafayette Promotion Internationale  with Fashion Show Reservation in the subject line.

Email address reads

Or, ligne directe: and FAX:

Firstly, you need to first of all know when and where you are staying in Paris in order to secure a ticket.

Secondly, BE NICE and in your email to Galerie Lafayette, explain to them that you are very interested in Parisian fashion (and you’re NOT lying about that!) and would love to attend a fashion parade in their beautiful “grande magasin”.

Thirdly, if you are lucky and have given them plenty of time, you will then be asked where and when you are staying in Paris (hopefully you have an address near Hausmann Boulevard  and they will send a confirmation email for the number of seats (usually two) you have requested.

Fourthly, when your confirmation email does arrive and you’ve picked yourself up off the floor- DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT forget to pack it in your bag, because no amount of pleading at the door will let you through when you finally get there!

Lastly, arrive at least an hour earlier than the starting time as it is “first in best seats” scenario even though the letter will possibly read,

“‘please present yourself 15 minutes before the beginning of the show”.

The private lounge is located on the seventh floor so once you’ve walked into the street level of the main store, take the escalator “Mogador” as it will take you directly up to the show lounge. If you can’t find it, ask at the “Welcome and Information desk” located near the Cartier counter (street floor). They’re very helpful too.

And when you’ve made it, with your little programme in hand and quite possibly shocked your friends you have left at home who by now are receiving your text messages from your seat, pat yourself on the back and remind yourself how lucky you are and that being well prepared has its own rewards!

The show will last for about thirty minutes or so. Oh, and of course the dress code is smart casual.  More smart than casual afterall, you ARE in Paris!

Enjoy darlings!

Au Revoir,

Best Wishes,

Therese Waddell


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