Awaken To Build A Bear In Paris

Bonjour mes amis,

I’m appealing to the child within as I write this and it’s the story of our experience with ‘Build a Bear’- French Style.

Some people go to Paris for the History. Others for the Arts and Culture. For us, on this one particular day in Paris, our mission was to reach the ‘Build A Bear’ Shop for notre fille. We scoured Paris unsuccessfully at the following locations:-

1. Galeries Lafayette in  Hausmann Boulevard  and

2. Les  Halles Shopping Mall

Needless to say, we were not going home without a French speaking lolly pink furry monkey and we found “Genevieve”‘at the ‘Build A Bear’  Shop located at La Defense, 3km west of the 17th Arrondisement- a train trip


This store did not disappoint in terms of the variety of French clothing available.  We purchased an ensemble of trendy outfits as well as miniature French football gear to the silent acknowledgement of  mes frères de filles when she was lifted out of the luggage on return.

The service at La Defense from the young management was incredibly good.  Whilst their grasp of the English language wasn’t superb, we laughed together the whole time and their friendliness and patience made the entire trip very worthwhile.

Besides, they didn’t even mind my taking a few snaps of our experience here at the store.

He even wrote down all the French sentences for our daughter to learn with their translation!

We lugged our precious Genevieve all around Paris and beyond, to the bemusement of airport officials across Europe.

So here we are with Genevieve, back home in Australia. She is adored and taken everywhere and speaks to all  mes amis de fille. She is well equipped to say quite a few French phrases  such as “I love you” and “Let’s go shopping” and ” Best frends” and loads more,  by pressing her wrists and ankles. She also has her own heart beat when cuddled.

The French firmly believe that flattery will get you anywhere. And it does. Well, here at least. For all you ‘Build A Bear’ supporters BIG and SMALL, give thanks to the gorgeous team at La Defense store for their enormous hearts and enormous pleasure! It’s well worth it once you get there!

P.S Just thought I’d let you all know that we named her “Genevieve” after the Patron Saint of Paris, because it was a miracle to have found a “Bear A Bear” Shop in the first place!

Au Revoir,

Best Wishes, Therese Waddell

5 Responses to “Awaken To Build A Bear In Paris”

  1. Oh my god this is exactly what I want to do. Only I have my own teddy bear and I just buy the outfits I got a pair of lederhosen from Berlin. And now I need a French outfit I was unable to find one in Prague. I also find this funny as I too am from Australia. Haha. I took my bear all over the world and he also has a “I love new York” shirt. You have made my day.

    • You would love Build A Bear in paris, Emma. By the way, my daughter’s name is Emma and she named her pink gorgeous rabbit after the patron Saint of Paris- Genevieve which we bought from Build a Bear, La defence store! It speaks French to her by squeezing on both arms and legs and has a huge beating French heart! Does it get better than that? Thanks Emma for your encouragement. your email was lovely! Therese x

  2. Do you know if this shop still exists? Because it is not listed among the others on the official build a bear find a store website.

    • Hi Maja,
      Thanks for dropping by my blog! It’s nice to know that they’re are other lovers of build a bear out there too! According to:-
      it appears the Build a Bear store has moved. Some of the surrounding shops like Apple or hotels like The Marriott or Hilton may know where it has moved to. If you do find the new address, do let us all know. Kindest regards, Therese

    • Maja Im soooo sorry that Ive been so busy to reply and Ive missed talking to people here. So far as I know, the shop seems to have moved. Ill be staying close by though in May if that helps and will let you know. Thanks for asking, Therese
      ps Was there anything in particular you wanted to buy? as Im sure you can get the french stuff online now.

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