Awaken To A French Christmas

Joyeux Noël mes amis,

Perhaps we should all take some pearls of wisdom from the French and really stop in our day to sit back and enjoy the good things life brings. 

    Excerpts from my  book reads…

…’One of the first things I had learnt years ago, was that the French have a unique capacity to  learn to stop in their day to rest, to lunch and reacquaint themselves.

The general rule of thumb is don’t expect much to be opened before 10am and definitely not between 12 and 2.30 in the afternoon in most places across France. Sundays have nominal trading really, except in the Bastille area of  Paris where for the most part  Sunday commerce takes place (but is reduced on Saturdays here). Sunday is the day that is ideal to visit museums and be surrounded by painters, sculptors and architecture.

Alternatively, you can visit the many gardens or cycle through them at leisure. If this doesn’t take your fancy, perhaps you would like to catch a French film or float on a Batobus along the Seine or just sip coffee and people watch from a cafe. You can use more of your energy of course,  bartering at any one of the outdoor Markets or even climb the stairs of the Eiffel Tower after a picnic on the lawns below but eventually though,  it’s important to slow down for a while as the French do and just take it all in.

Even Mondays in villages outside Paris come to a gigantic stop.

 Initially, this proved very frustrating as we would drive from one supposedly “dead horse town” to another on a Sunday or Monday or around midday, until realising that the French live to the beat of a different drum and we grew into their pace and scheduled our day to theirs. Then it all became so much clearer.’

  Understanding that, mean’t that  I could never get Paris nor France for that matter, out of my head or heart.  My inner sanction had been poked about and I was inspired to see more, do more, live more. Above all, I was challenged to live better!’…

Look after yourself by drawing a deep breath and surround yourself with those you love or admire during your day and especially at Christmas time.  

 So I’m wishing you all my dear friends, a wonderfully SLOW Christmas, French style.

P.S  I’ve sending you some snapshots of my French pressies given to me from dear friends and the adorable Christmas decorations I bought in Galeries Lafayette. These hang on my tree at present and are a constant reminder to slow down and really enjoy Christmas Day.

If you’re lucky enough to attend the Christmas Day service at Notre Dame, look up and feel the heat of the chandelier above you. I hope it warms your soul for another year.

Au Revoir,

Best Wishes, Therese Waddell


One Response to “Awaken To A French Christmas”

  1. Beautiful Therese.
    Just loved your thoughts and especially photos of your Christmas decorations, Marg x

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