Awaken To The Gardens Of Paris

Bonjour mes amis,

A walk through the Jardin du Luxembourg is a must when in Paris and not only offers a quiet interlude during your stay, but you can walk in the footsteps of Parisians from past centuries and dream the dreams of days gone by!

Taken from an excerpts from my book, let me begin…

…’With adequate rest, we proposed a long walk up Rue de Rennes, across Rue Vaugirard to the imposing spring colours of pink and yellow tulips at the Jardin du Luxembourg.

Everyone here tried to succeed in catching the warmth of the sun’s rays and the many wired garden chairs are well and truly occupied. Children squeal with delight in the playground watching the puppet theatre, while serious chess players give advice in true competition. A group of photographers continue to click away looking for any artistic happening in the direction of a group of elderly Jeux de Boules players.

Jardin du Luxembourg is dotted with more than a hundred statues and the fountains and formal gardens which makes for a calm ambience to stroll exactly as they would have strolled in centuries long gone.

The Palais du Luxembourg is an imposing sight at the end of the Jardin. It was once the home of the mother of Louis x111, Marie de Medici, then a prison during the Revolution and is now the residence of the French Senate.

We walk on the crunchy gravel to the Grand Bessin at the centre of the park, where ducks preen themselves in the sun while a group of graduating school students gaggle on the stone steps awaiting a photograph, dressed in an assortment of cocktail wear. Black and purple stockings (or tights) seem to be popular on skinny girly legs as well as hair fascinators of feathered plumage and gemstones glittering on one side of their shiny, dark heads.

These very cool, adolescents looked and behaved like those strutting their stuff oh so nonchalantly on the catwalk of some high fashion parade. If only I could have placed one giant gilded frame over the entire graduating crowd, to capture their artistry and elegance forever.

So Parisian!…’

The Jardin Du Luxembourg is a sight to see.

Au Revoir,

Best Wishes, Therese Waddell


2 Responses to “Awaken To The Gardens Of Paris”

  1. Therese Hancock Says:

    OMG, our laughter at our old and bearded cherub! How he lifted our spirits after we trecked through the byways and backstreets of Paris, we discovered the side streets and stumbled upon the surprises that only Paris backstreets can bring. We were enlightened and charmed by the locals, our eyes wide in anticipation of what the next corner would lead us to. I could not wish to experience this journey with anyone else but my dearest and closest friend.

  2. wow, amazing blog you were right. now i see why you were late to your appointment but all with a good reason 🙂

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