Awaken To The Passion Of The Rodin Museum

Bonjour mes amis,

First of all, I’ll continue with excerpts from the book I’m writing.I really hope you’re enjoying them. This one’s about getting up close and personal at the Rodin Museum. Oh and if you didnt realise by now,  my travel companion this time (and dear buddy) is named The’re’se. ( in short, Trees and Trays!)

Let me begin…

…’Outside, the Parisian Autumn air warmed through and we walked arm in arm towards the Rodin Museum “for a little culture.”

Once a private residence, the entry foyer to the Museum is a treat in itself with a large expanse of marble flooring and a stunning black wrought iron staircase winding up to Rodin’s most famous works, including” The Kiss”.

Set on an 18th century honey coloured parquetry floor under an enormous chandelier, “The Kiss “ must have inspired some passion in us as we came away and entered the garden itself. Let me explain.

The museum is tucked behind a walled garden in which many of Rodin’s sculptures, including “The Thinker” are showcased- many exceptionally moving, in all facets of emotion. We took numerous digital images of Auguste  Rodin’s  passion in stone and exuded some of our own passion ourselves. Needless to say, The’re’se planted her own passionate kiss (and I in turn) on one serious, aged male bronze monument guarding the garden on the western side. What laughs!

You had to be there to bear true testament to Christian Dior number 277 remaining on what I felt to be a now happier monument.

Naturally, we made the time to meander through the garden, with its tapestry of hundreds of roses, peonies, and hydrangeas surrounding fountains and ornamental pond. As if it wasn’t enough, we discovered, behind the ivy trellis right at the back, some lovely low wooden deck chairs. Under the filtered light of Linden trees, we had found the perfect hideaway in which to nestle for our afternoon repos…’

So, a trip to the Rodin Museum is a must when you’re next in paris. I hope it stirs some of the same passion in you that it did in us!

Au Revoir.

The're'se Exuding Some Passion

The're'se Exuding Some Passion

Best wishes,

Therese Waddell


One Response to “Awaken To The Passion Of The Rodin Museum”

  1. Therese Hancock Says:

    I’m sure he came alive even if it was just for short moment!!!!!

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